Commercial Real Estate

Why should you think of West Michigan when looking for a place to grow?


We all know Our Michigan Home is a beautiful place to live, grow and thrive. What most people may not know is how having a business in West Michigan helps to grow businesses. We have some of the lowest costs of living in the entire state; a lot less expensive in Grand Rapids as it is in Detroit. So your labor force will be able to enjoy the purchase power that comes from a lower cost of living.


Because there is a lower cost of living, we have a relatively lower labor cost in West Michigan as we do in other parts of the state. This gives businesses an advantage over locating in more expensive areas. Labor is also highly educated, much more so than other regions of the country. And, as a bonus there are more per-capita engineers in the Great Lakes than anywhere else in the world. Our labor force has experience in manufacturing, agriculture, bio-medical and engineering and medical research, and high-technology firms in computing and battery technologies.


Taxes in West Michigan will be some of the lowest in the state. This makes it an attractive place to put your business, as you'll have more to reinvest in your business or make the shareholders happy.


There is a lot of inventory available in the market, and Our Michigan Home does a brisk commercial real estate business. We represent both the buyers and sellers, and know what it takes to have a deal done. Road maintenance agreements? Liens? Signage? There are lots of questions...we have the answers!

People are Investing Here

West Michigan benefits from a brisk recovery, and more and more people are investing their money and resources into the market. This is the time to buy, when rates are as low as they are. Let's get started together!

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