Loons on the lake


It is so unusual for loons to stay on our lake all summer like they are this year.  Typically loons will fly in to Twin Lake about April and leave about the first of June.

If you have had the chance to hear loons, you will know why my husband and I  love listening to them.  We hear them in very early morning long before we get up.  Loons have a very distinct call and by having the privilege of watching them this summer, we have discovered they use different calls to communicate.

The other day there were five loons on the lake.  We watched them dive and listened for awhile before they took flight.  As they gain altitude we heard them call to each other when they turn direction in the air.  Call, turn right.  Call, turn right again or left.  And on and on until they disappeared over the tree line and faded into the other sounds of summer at the lake.

It will be interesting to watch them once August ends and find out when they fly south! It's just another reason to love living in Michigan. It's why we are so passionate about your home and ours: West Michigan! From Muskegon, to Wyoming...from South Haven to Ludington and everywhere in between there are many wonderful places to call home.

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