Our Promise

Our Michigan Home is dedicated

...To provide you with outstanding service to sellers and buyers. 

The cornerstone of our services is customer service. 

We have been in your position. Wanting a new house, needing a new place to live or wanting to sell the one you are in. We love helping people, and we actually have a lot of fun looking at and selling houses!

Nothing makes us happier than a good person in a good home. We feel for the brief time we are in the market with you, that we're part of your family. This is something we take to heart, and make sure that every single customer gets the same treatment.

It's nerve wracking, waiting for your home to close, waiting to see if your home sells. We know. We've been there! Our agency is dedicated to providing the type of buying and selling experience that WE always wanted. There is nothing worse than a bad realtor experience, and with Our Michigan Home you can feel comfortable in YOUR Michigan Home.

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